Becall Quarto Management Week to View

The Becall Quarto Week to View Management Diary comes in the Quarto page size that is designed so that you can view the entire week in a double page spread.

Each double page spread contains a complete week of Monday-Sunday where each week day is in a single column with appointment slots in 30 minute increments from 7am until 8pm. Across the footer of each page is a yearly calendar view.

Additionaly at the beginning of the diary there are special content pages that include

  • A space at the beginning of the diary to record important personal information.
  • A year at a glance calendar
  • A conversion guide to help you convert imperical measurements to metric equivalents
  • Australia and New Zealand public holidays, school dates and major religious holidays
  • World Information Chart that includes country, capital city, currency, languages, dialing prefixes and time zone information.
  • A Yearly Planner.

At the end of the diary is also a telephone/address section as well as a section for notes.