Christmas Day WAS NOT our quietest trading day. In fact we received quite a few orders equating to 45.49% of our average daily orders for December.

Yep, that surprised me too; people were ordering diary refills on Christmas morning while I was assembling a trampoline.

Our quietest trading day for December was a tie between the 7th and 14th. They were both Tuesdays. No idea why this was the case. Maybe everyone was out shopping those days! In any case, those days were basically dead for online orders.

Our busiest day by a considerable margin was the 10th of December running at 273.97% of our average daily December orders. In fact, if you look at a graph of order totals between our two dead days of the 7th and 14th, the shape is a perfect bell curve with it’s peak at the 10th.

Again I have no scientific insight in to what any of this means other than the graph is a pretty shape!

How about New Year’s Eve you ask? 113.97% of the average December daily. That’s right, New Year’s Eve is a busy day but as for New Years Day, well that was about the same as Christmas Day.

I thought I would share these with you as they really surprised me totally and once again proved that when you think you know something, sometimes the data just proves you stupid.